I (center) was part of the cast of an original, locally written play, “Euphemistic Lyrical Language,” in April 2017 for Le Chat Noir’s annual short play festival, “Quickies.” The company is a blackbox theatre based in Augusta, and it was a thrill to finally perform there. 

I’m 27 years old and am based in Augusta, GA. No matter what stage of my life I have stood upon, art has always played a part. It has carried me through some tough times while shaping my perception of the world and my very being.

There is no branch of the artistic spectrum that I haven’t touched. As a performer of 20-plus years, I have participated in community theatre productions since I was 15, danced two years of ballet, and sang in choruses and glee clubs; musical theatre forever will have a hold on me. I’ve also written since I was a kid and enjoy painting, photography, ceramics, latch hooking, graphic design, cooking, and baking.

I graduated from Valdosta State University in July 2012 with a Bachelor of Arts degree in English with a journalism track. After learning about and working within the journalistic field for eight years, I have left the field and have set my sets on my next opportunity.

I would love to hear from you, so feel free to follow me on social media or contact me through here.

I spent part of my 27th birthday painting this ceramic cat at Bisquecuts and Glazy in Aiken, SC.